Pre-Construction Termite Treatment In Jaipur

Termite’s species create lot of nuisance due to its habit of eating wooden structures, severely damaged buildings. Once if these offensive species enter in your home it don’t constraint to timber woods it also causes heavily damage to clothes, carpets, paper, furniture’s and some other cellulose  particles.

In many countries these termites consider as harmful pests are often blame to cause severely destroy tons of woods, and currencies.

We are providing a distinct pest control services in Jaipur area at negotiable prices to our clients worldwide. Termite treatment facilities imparted by us is accommodated with usage of best quality chemicals of market standards and highly advanced spray machine.  Apart from Termite treatment services, we rendered by our dedicated professional pest control team which meet requirements at particular time frame.

However several techniques used in Pre-Construction stages by Pre-Construction Termite Treatment In Jaipur to ensure termite free area during construction.

Most commonly technique used in Pre-Construction Termite Treatment is treating soil with insecticides as it acts as a barrier between masonry and ground slab that will inhibit the termites to approach the building. We can adopt some chemical methods like primarily creating a hole at place of construction and make them fill with chemicals especially where floors and wall intersect, spray chemicals on wooden products such as doors, cabinets, floor and buildings.

Here we are giving some measures Pre-Construction Termite Treatment in Jaipur. Before starting treatment assessment of the whole area after examination of location of termites.

  • We treat the walls and floors by drilling holes and make fill with chemicals.
  • Apply chemical on every points of contacts of ground with wood with or with any part of the building.
  • Adopt some precautionary measures like eliminate sources of moisture and keep gutters and drain cleans.
  • Make holes and fill chemicals to create a barricade around the house.

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